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Sony PDW-F1600 XDCAM Disc Recorder
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The Sony PDW-F1600 is an XDCAM HD422 recorder and player. Built upon blue laser technology, the XDCAM HD line of products takes advantage of non-linear workflow, while keeping the same archiving infrastructure professionals are accustomed to with tape-based formats. The player is ideal for transferring footage into non-linear workstations.

Non-Linear Scene Selection
Possibly the greatest attribute of working with non-linear optical recording is the ability to access scenes independently. This along with multiple viewing options makes XDCAM HD extremely powerful, increasing post-production efficiency. Sony's thumbnail scene selection tool makes looking for shots a breeze. Using the on board LCD, simply cycle through the list of clips to find what you need.
Up and Downconversion
Either convert DVCAM to MPEG HD or vice-versa, and output them via the HD analog component input connection. Upconversion gives users the ability to migrate existing SD footage to HD; This can be a valuable "insurance policy" for clients that might request older standard definition projects in HD. Downconversion can be useful as well, especially for mastering tapes to broadcast-ready standards or in the instance where it's undesirable to distribute your HD masters.
Proxy Browsing
Proxy Browsing refers to Sony's included Proxy software program from PC workstations. The software connects via i.LINK or Ethernet interfaces, and features easy access to clips. Search by metadata settings and make simple cuts. The cuts are saved as a "Clip List" and stored back on the disc. This function is powerful for streamlining the editing process during short deadlines. Proxy data can be accessed up to 20x real-time, making the process incredibly efficient.
Expand Function
The player allows easy access to longer clips by dividing them into 12 smaller, more manageable ones. The beginning of each division is shown as a thumbnail and enables quick viewing through longer shots. This feature is great for quick access to time-critical footage and can be especially helpful for news gathering where deadlines are crucial.
HDV Compatibility
The PDW-F1600 can be interfaced with Sony's full line of affordable HDV products with the optional PDBK-102 input card.
Features Benefits:
New OLED panel design that allows for off axis viewing without any color shift.
Superb picture quality and stable color reproduction 17 and 25 inch picture size displays (viewable area measured diagonally) Precision imaging achieved using high resolution LCD panels •PVM 1741A offers 1920 x 1080 pixel display •PVM 2541A offers 1920 x 1080 pixel display Multiple color gamut display (SMPTE C, EBU, ITU-R BT709)
Time code display
Uses the same control system as the PVM 741, PVM 1741, and PVM 2541 7 “F” key design for instant access to menu selections
3G/HDSDI/SDI, HDMI, and composite inputs
Multi format input signal support including 480i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p
Frame rates from 23.98 to 60 Both Ethernet and parallel remote control
Embedded audio decoding and display
Lighted Control Panel
12 VDC power input on the PVM 1741A.
New waveform monitor with easier read display. Instead of just a white waveform, the new WFM offers a new, more useful waveform which allows more accurate level detection. The graticule is now marked with level identifiers. The monitor offers a zoom feature for checking monitor white balance or seeing noise in the dark areas of the pictures. Also included is a line select feature which lets the operator look at the waveform of one individual line in the image.
New vectorscope which also has the zoom feature and makes it easier to set a perfect camera black balance.
Closed caption has been added and can be set to read from the ancillary or vertical areas of a SDI input. Decoding formats include both EIA 608 and EIA 708 analog and digital systems. Settings allow both system q and system 2 decoding for second language applications
Autosetup from most industry light probes using Sony’s free autosetup software* New F key labeling allowing one button access to the F key function labels
New camera focusing features which include both an aperture enhancement and a colored focus identifier. Color can be set to red blue or green.
Signal System XDCAM HD422
Tape Format Blue Laser Disc
Tape Speed N/A
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 53dB
Maximum Recording Time DVCAM: 85 min
MPEG HD (2 Channel):
35 Mb/s - 69 min, 25 Mb/s - 92 min, 18 Mb/s - 122 min
MPEG HD (4 Channel):
35 Mb/s - 66 min, 25 Mb/s - 87 min, 18 Mb/s - 113 min
MPEG HD422: 95 Min
Audio Signal Format DVCAM: 16 bits, 48 kHz, 4 Channels
MPEG HD/422: 16/24 bits, 48 kHz, 2/4 Channels
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0.5 dB/-1.0 dB (0 dB at 1 kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio Not Specified By Manufacturer
Input and Output Connectors HD Component: BNC (x1 Output)
RGB: 15-pin D-Sub (x1 Output)
SD Analog Composite: BNC (x1 Output)
Analog Audio: XLR (x1 Output) Audio Monitor: RCA (x1 Output)
i.LINK: FireWire 6-pin (HDV requires add-on card)
RS-422A: 9-Pin D-Sub
RS-232: 9-Pin D-Sub
Headphone: Stereo Phone Jack
Ethernet (Optional): 1000Base-T (RJ-45)
Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 70W
Operating Temperature 40-104°F (5-40°C)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 12.1 x 4 x 16.5" (30.8 x 10.16 x 41.9cm)
Weight 15.4 lbs (7.2kg)