Zeiss MKII SuperSpeed T1.3 Lens Rental

Zeiss Super Speed MK III Lens Rentals
  • Super Speed Set
  • Body Markings in Meters & Feet
  • T1.3 with 7-Blade Iris
  • Great In Low-Light / Night / Outdoor
  • Super 35mm Coverage
  • Aperture Closes Down to T16
  • 350° Rotation "wrap Around" Focus Scale
  • Light-Weight
  • Accessories
  • Overview
  • Features
  • Specifications
Technica 12" Dovetail
Included in Package
Arri LS-10
Included in Package
Set of 15mm Rods
Included in Package
Arri MB-20 4x5.6
Day $75
Digital Micro Force 2
Day $150
heden motor
Heden V26 Motor
Day $100
Arri LMB-5 4x5.6
Day $40
Arri LS-9 Lens Support
Set of 19mm Rods
Arri FF-4 Follow Focus
Day $45
Schneider 2x Extender
Day $75
Highly prized in the motion picture world, Zeiss Superspeed Lenses set the standard for cinematography lenses. With superior optics and time-tested performance & construction, these MKIII lenses represent the last version of the Superspeed line of Zeiss primes before Zeiss discontinued their production.

Full 350° focus barrel rotation

Large focus markings for easy reading

Integrated iris gears on all lenses

Integrated focus gears on all lenses

80mm fronts on all lenses

Ultra fast T1.3 maximum aperature

Patented T* coated optics for superior color reproduction

Technical Data

Mount Type PL Mount
Lens Body Markings In imperial measurements (feet)
Focal Length 35 mm
Aperture T1.3 - 22
Close Focus Distance From image plane: 12" (.3 m)
Angle of View 39°
Weight 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

1Close focus distance is measured from the image plane
2Front to PL mount flange
3Horizontal angle of view for an ANSI Super 35 Silent camera aperture (aspect ratio 1:1.33,
dimensions 24.9 mm x 18.7 mm / 0.98“ x 0.74“)