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We guarantee that the equipment you rent from us will arrive on time in perfect working order with all the necessary parts and accessories. Jon Schneider, Owner

jon schneider camera rentals
Jon Schneider 1989 with Sony BVP-3 Betacam.

hdrental.com was founded by Jon Schneider in 1992. The company was originally called United Broadcast Group but was re-branded to hdrental.com when equipment rentals became the main focus. Jon has been in the business of buying, selling, renting and operating professional video equipment since 1987. Jon has extensive knowledge of all types of professional audio video and film production and postproduction equipment. hdrental.com specializes in renting camera support gear such as the Vinten Osprey and Quattro pedestals. Jon is happy to answer any of your questions about professional video produciton and post-production equipment. 818-994-3461 | jon@hdrental.com

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